Future Garston?

We asked what Garston would be like in the future?

It will be popular with a man made beach at the river by Cressington Heath

Child 2M

There will be more in the playground in Garston Park, more houses, more shops

Child 2M

Gilmour Infants School will be bigger

Child 2M

Hopefully better shops on St Marys Road and more improvements ‘under the bridge’

Child 2M

More houses and modern environment


School will be wider

Harry 1S

I think Garston will be bigger with lots of new houses

Child 1K


Child 1K

The same but with more shops

Child RT

Full of shops and the docks and trams will be busy

Child Nursery 

It will still look like this


Garston is not the same as it used to be 30 years + ago. Future is uncertain as there are too many supermarkets!

Child Nursery 

To be happy all the time

Child Nursery 

Some buildings will be knocked down and changed to house

Child from 2A

I think there will be lots of woods

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