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Welcome to our blog! We’re getting prepared for our poetry project. We’re looking forward to all the stories and ideas.

Today is the day! We have John in today for our first writing workshop!


The the children are having great fun! We are currently joining in with “Grandad’s beard is weird“. We’re understanding the fun of making up silly rhymes and using words to make others laugh. We’re’ exploring our imaginations and thinking about using facts and creative ideas to make interesting pieces of writing.

We're all scary tigers!

We’re all scary tigers!

John is discussing real events in history that inspire funny and interesting rhymes.

We’ve just heard what Humpty Dumpty was all about originally and how it was adapted.

The children are creating their story together

The children are creating their story togethery Dumpty was about and also looking at the rhyming patterns in the poem.


We’re now using Humpty Dumpty as a template for making our own rhyming poem based on the pirate Peter Baker from  Garston. The children are exploring different rhyming words that helps to tell the story.


Now we are thinking about characters in stories.  We now know that as writers we don’t need to say what a character is like, because it is better to show readers using words. The children are doing this by using adverbs and different words for ‘said’ in their own story. The children are working together to create their own story. They have lots of great ideas.

John is showing us different types of character

John is showing us different types of character

Our story is all about the first time bananas came to Garston. The children are collaborating to think of questions people would have asked. We’re showing the different characters by using synonyms for said. Our story has lots of speech to join in with.

The children are creating their story together

The children are creating their story together

Its the second workshop of the day. The children are excited about exploring words and are enjoying it already! They are really loving joining in and sharing humour through stories and poems.

The children are joining in with some very funny poems

The children are joining in with some very funny poems

The children are talking about which parts of the poem Grandad’s beard is weird are true and which are made up. The children have had a few surprises about which parts are real! Stories are great when they are based on something real with added imagination. We want to do the same with our own storie.

We we have just heard a lovely story about how stories can last forever. There are lots of ways we can tell stories. We are focusing on poems and written words. We are also going to be performing stories with each other.

Reading the story from the morning

Reading the story from the morning

We are looking at the story group 1 wrote in the morning and trying to work out what it is about. The story has lots of clues but doesn’t actually say what strange object has been found. However, we worked out it’s about a banana! Years ago people didn’t know what a banana was and may have asked some strange questions. The children in the morning session had thought of questions they might of asked. We all agree the children who wrote the story did a great job mixing facts with imagination.


We’re now looking at the poem the children in the morning session wrote about the pirate Peter Baker from Garston. It’s our job to make the next verse in the poem. We’re now focusing on Peter Baker becoming the mayor of Liverpool.


We need to think of adjectives for the mayors chain which we can rhyme with. There are so many things to consider when writing a rhyming a poem. The children are coming up with lots of rhyming words so it’s easier to write their poem.  The finished results is excellent! We’re going to keep practicing it until we know it off by heart.

Were now thinking about different places we go to in Garston. We never knew we had 4 Olympic alathletes in 1920. Garston has so much history.


We are focusing on Garston park and what our senses experience there. What things can we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. Rushing, whooshing wind and green grass fill our lovely poem.


We are back with John for our second workshop. The children can remember what they had done and are really excited to have another day of fun and being creative.

The children are joining in with a rap

The children are joining in with a rap

The children have just practiced their poem that they wrote last time. The children performed it really well.

They are now performing their story and working out what they would like to do with it. They are deciding what the ending should be. They are considering their audience and how they will react to the story.


The the children are considering their audience and how to get them involved. It’s great to see the children discussing their ideas and how it will work when they perform. They are having lovely conversations and listening to one another well.

The children are really responding to the fact that they will be performing this in an assembly. It gives a real purpose for their writing and their work.


The the children are now discussing syllables and how to use them to make a pattern in their poem. They are using names and clapping to decide on their own pattern. They are fitting words into the correct pattern using syllables.  It’s lovely to see all the children’s ideas being used. They have full ownership and are enjoying playinith words.

Its the second session of the day and John has started with a wonderful story. The children are joining in and having lots of fun.

The children are looking back to their poem using their senses to describe Garston Park. The children are giving lots of ideas and are being very creative.


We are are now discussing being specific with our words to tell the reader specific things in their poem. They are using lots of adjectives and really considering how they are being used.

Here is the poem written by the class with John…

Baker the Taker

Baker the Taker

Went on a ship.

Baker the Taker

Went on a trip.


He stole lots of diamonds.

He stole lots of treasure.

“Oh, what a joy!

Oh, what a pleasure!”


Baker the Taker

Became Lord Mayor.

Baker the Taker

Had a great chair.


He wore a big chain

All special and cool.

“I’m in charge

Of Liverpool!”



 Another poem!!!

Garston Park is…


The sight of green grass

Waving in the wind,


The sound of a rushing, whooshing

Breeze in the leaves,


The touch of bumpy bark

On a rough branch,


The smell of polleny flowers

In the sweet air


And the taste of freezing ice cream,

Soft and melty,

Drippy and sloppy.  MMMM.


A limerick…

There was a cow in Garston Park

Who went “Moo!” and “Boo!” in an ark.

The pig ran away,

The bear went to play,

The hyena laughed at the shark.


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